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Indoors, the growing conditions are always ideal.

Create the optimal growing environment while using less energy. There are plenty of benefits to growing food crops indoors—like no insects, fewer chemicals, faster growing speeds and the ability to grow crops year-round.

Sustainability is our business. It’s why we help you with your business.

We offer incentives to help make your business’s energy goals more attainable—because when your business takes a step toward greater sustainability, the rest of the Valley does too.

Indoor agriculture incentive offering

Did you know leafy greens travel an average of 2,000 miles before reaching a store? Most U.S. states grow fewer fruits and vegetables than they consume, which means produce travels farther to meet demand. Investing in container or vertical farms not only saves time, money and energy—you can increase the shelf life of your fresh food and grow it in hours, not days. Click below to begin your application.

There’s no time like right now.

Ready to make your workplace safer and improve the comfort and air quality in your commercial or industrial setting? All of our incentives are subject to approval by TVA and your LPC and are contingent upon available funding. And we have great news: Funding is still available for 2022.

Details for this offering

  • Incentive for Pod/Container Farms: $25/sq foot for new sites. You must use LED grow lights to qualify.

  • All legal food crops will be considered.

  • Illegal food or herb crops (such as marijuana) will not be considered for incentives.

  • Facilities must remain in TVA territory for 3 years.

  • Incentive for Vertical Farm/Warehouse: $40/ton Air Conditioning and $1 per watt reduced for LED grow lights.

What are some other benefits to growing indoors?

  • Farmers can enjoy year-round growing seasons.

  • Spoilage during the transportation phase and short shelf life are the leading causes of unsold produce. When more produce can be grown in closer proximity to demand, less food waste is produced.

  • Vertical farming doesn’t use any soil.

  • You don’t have to worry about insects, so pesticides aren’t needed.

  • Indoor crops experience faster growing speeds.

  • Food grown indoors can go from farm to table in 13 hours, rather than days.

  • Indoor farming produces as much as a 50x greater yield than conventional farming, with up to 95% less water use.

Manna House creates an indoor field of greens.

This is one success story worth watching. See how EnergyRight helped Huntsville’s Manna House build a reliable food source for families in need.

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