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School Uplift: Investing in our future.

TVA EnergyRight’s School Uplift supports schools in the region by reducing energy costs and improving the quality of the learning environment.

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Bright ideas for better schools.

In keeping with TVA’s mission of service, School Uplift is our way of supporting local schools. Through strategic energy management (SEM) training and investment, we’re helping high-need schools reduce energy costs while making classrooms throughout the region brighter, safer and happier places to learn and grow.

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Offering support where it’s needed most.

K-12 schools spend nearly $8 billion annually on energy costs. According to the Department of Energy, aging facilities combined with tight budgets result in deferred maintenance — with an estimated $270 billion needed for critical repairs. School Uplift offers support to help under-resourced schools save so they can invest resources where it matters most: educating children.

Interested in supporting School Uplift?

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Thanks to our partners at Energy Efficient Schools Initiative (EESI), School Uplift is already making an impact on generations to come by matching TVA EnergyRight’s grants to under-funded schools.

If you’d like to invest in the future of our region, we’d love to hear from you.

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We did our homework.

Improving energy efficiency in schools results in substantial environmental, economic and education benefits.

  • Through strategic energy management and efficiency upgrades, School Uplift is projected to save schools in the region $8.1 million.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades and improved ventilation and filtration help keep students and teachers healthy by enhancing indoor air quality.
  • LED lighting upgrades can improve focus and help kids feel happier, which can result in increased productivity and improved test scores.

It all adds up.

School Uplift is making a big impact in the region. We’re training 160 schools in strategic energy management and have awarded eight energy grants to schools that completed the training program. And TVA is investing $7.3 million in School Uplift over the next three years to help them do it.

The ABCs of School Uplift

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Active training

Participating schools receive behavior-based strategic energy management (SEM) training. Promote engagement from faculty and students with easy, actionable energy saving tips and energy efficiency practices.

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Building community

Together, we can do even more. School Uplift energizes students, families, teachers, business owners and state-wide leaders, uniting them with a common cause: improving local schools and the communities they serve.

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Competitive and need-based grants

Under-resourced schools compete among their annual cohort to earn grants for a fun, fully-functional and off-the-grid solar pavilion classroom. Schools can also become eligible for grants for much-needed energy upgrades.

Together, we can do even more.

Discover how your school can save money with SEM, apply for energy efficiency grants and boost student performance. Even though our 2021-2022 cohort is already underway, we’re always interested in connecting with new schools. Click below to connect with us.

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