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Are you a teacher looking to supplement your lesson plan with a fun activity that also aligns with teaching standards? Our virtual workshops bring energy efficient education to life. “The kids thought it was so cool someone could be in a totally different place and still be able to teach and interact in real-time,” says Paula Hyatt, a fifth-grade teacher at Fannin Co. Elementary in Blue Ridge, GA. Watch the video to see how Hyatt’s students put their energy lessons to work.

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EnergyRight Monsters

See how our adorable monster friends help children learn energy-saving habits that save money around the house. Explore the resources below, check back soon to sign up for a free workshop or request a kit today!

Hang out with the EnergyRight Monsters!


Register for a virtual Eye Spy Energy workshop using the form to the right. Our expert facilitator will lead your children on a live energy-saving adventure. They’ll learn a ton and have fun, too.

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